Alum of the University of California, Irvine, Drama B.A.

Me climbing Mt. Rose.

Andrew is a recent alum and lover of storytelling. He has been involved with art and storytelling since childhood; from high school through university he has mixed audio, written a book, filmed, photographed, acted, and designed—and more, most of it in team environments.

During his final year at UCI, he learned about sound design, including for theatre and video games, and fell in love with audio as a form of technical storytelling. He also became an officer for UCI’s Japanese Student Association, where he helped lead language exchange activities and plan events.

Now, he spends most of his free time writing fiction and making videos. He is also an avid nerd and enjoys playing tabletop role-playing games with his friends.

So, where’s this experience?

Andrew has designed and mixed sound for theatre and games. For details, see the ‘Sound Design‘ portion of the website. Otherwise, listen to these grapes:

I’ve also filmed videos, like this:

Here is Andrew’s resume.

As a bonus, I’ve even designed shirts:

Andrew is at the front (left, bad haircut, big smile)! This picture is from a club event at UCI’s Japanese Student Association, where he was an officer for a year. Further proof may be required to prove that Andrew is, in fact, not a robot.