death to love

The Game’s Title Screen

Please find gameplay footage, the game download, and credits on this page:

I was the lead audio implementer and sound designer for Death To Love, a punk inspired beat em’ up game made from scratch in the Unity engine with Wwise integration. This game was made by a small but lovely team of passionate artists. Originally, there were two sound designers, but our second designer didn’t understand the Wwise middleware and so only provided some guitar riff SFX.

This left me in charge of the entire suite of technical audio implementation, SFX sourcing and creation, bug fixing, and mixing. As a non-musician designing a highly musical game, I got creative: I used abstract, sourced sounds like guitar accents to represent in-game events like enemies being hit.

Because of time and scope constraints, there are still some unpolished areas. Despite this, it is a project I am proud to have worked on. It enabled me to push my skills forward in implementing audio from scratch and provided me the opportunity to get creative with limited resources.